Monday, September 26, 2011

plants pain during menstruation

plants pain during menstruation

plants pain during menstruation
Pain during menstruation is very often completely disrupt the ladies. Stomach felt in knead like cramps. If at the time the pain started to come, then it would be very annoying at all at a concentration of our work. To overcome this problem is actually very easy.
Let us examine what plants could ease the pain during menstruation.

1. Cinnamon
Plant this one has a benefit to relieve some pain one of them is painful menstruation. Plant herbs that have a sweet aroma contains sinemik acid.
How to use: Mix cinnamon spice that had been prepared earlier by the warm water or tea and then drink.
2. Soybean
Plant beans on this one contains phytoestrogens that many benefits. The content contained soya beans may help balance the hormones in our body during menstruation.
How to use: Prepare as much as one handfuls of soy beans and then boil with water that has been given adequate salt for five minutes, then eat soy stew earlier results. In addition, you can consume soy milk beverage from another.
3. Cloves
Mix ingredients such as dried flowers cloves, coriander, turmeric may help relieve pain during menstruation.
How to use: Mash the three ingredients until smooth, then seduhlah with hot water, do not forget to filter the waste, then drink.


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