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Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure
Many American workers, across a variety of industries, were exposed to asbestos on the job. As a result, they are now at risk to develop mesothelioma.

Long considered a miracle material, asbestos boasts excellent fire and heat resistant properties. This naturally occurring mineral, now known to be a human carcinogen, has a history that dates back to ancient Greece. Asbestos was used as a building material, even as far back as during the Roman Empire, and was also used to in fabric that would be used in clothing and a variety of other textiles.

During the Industrial Revolution, asbestos found new uses in factories and other heavy industries throughout the United States and abroad. Asbestos found use not only in factories, but also in oil refineries, chemical plants, on railroad cars, and in shipyards. Asbestos materials were used to insulate pipes and boilers in steam locomotives, to line tanks and ovens in refineries, and could be found literally everywhere aboard the nation’s ships, from engine rooms to galleys. As the twentieth century progressed, more uses for asbestos were found. It was used in the brakes and clutches of automobiles, insulated America’s new skyscrapers, and was used extensively in the construction industry, where it was used in asbestos products like joint compounds, cements, roofing shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, siding, stucco, plaster, and much more. Those workers at risk included any that worked in an asbestos-heavy industry or frequently handled these products.

By the middle of the twentieth century, it became apparent that asbestos was causing health problems. Asbestos exposure is now known to cause mesothelioma. This asbestos related cancer can occur when asbestos is inhaled the microscopic fibers lodge within the outer lung tissue layer known as the mesothelium. This thin layer of cells protects and lubricates the chest cavity. Asbestos causes a sustained inflammation of these cells causing harmful scar tissue to form on the surface. This scar tissue lays the foundation for cancerous cells to develop.

Despite knowledge of the health risk it posed, records have shown that many companies who used asbestos in their facilities knew that the material was dangerous yet continued to allow its use. Eventually, stories of sick employees became commonplace, causing the American government to consider imposing laws about regulating use of asbestos.

If you worked at a jobsite where asbestos or asbestos containing products were used, you may be at risk to develop mesothelioma.

Exposure usually occurred at major construction jobsites, in shipyards, onboard navy vessels and during construction or renovation of commercial buildings. People working in the vicinity of boilers and insulated piping often are at risk. In addition, teachers, students, and other staff members who work in older school buildings may be at risk of exposure to asbestos products, such as ceiling or floor tiles. Equally at risk are families of these workers, as asbestos often was carried home on clothing.
Military Exposure

Asbestos was used across all branches of the military for many years. Navy veterans were exposed to high levels of asbestos while serving on ships (aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, battleships, warships, etc.) in the naval fleet as well as in naval shipyards across the country. Army veterans were exposed to asbestos in buildings on military installations and while working on military vehicles. Air Force veterans were exposed while working with military aircraft. Marine Corps veterans that spent time at sea aboard Navy ships were exposed to asbestos. All veterans exposed to asbestos have an increased risk of developing mesothelioma.
Commercial and Industrial Exposure

Many workers and maintenance contractors at industrial and commercial job sites were subjected to dangerous levels of asbestos on the job. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and the primary cause of mesothelioma cancer. The types of jobsites where asbestos exposure occurred include oil refineries, power plants, steel mills and chemical plants to name a few. They all have “high heat” environments where the use of fire and heat resistant materials was required, be it in the construction of the plants or machinery or in the protective clothing that workers were required to wear in designated areas (i.e. fire-proof gloves and aprons). Today, even though the use of asbestos has been banned in the United States, many existing industrial and commercial structures may still contain a certain level of asbestos. It is important that appropriate safety precautions be taken, where necessary, to prevent harmful exposure and to mitigate the risk of developing mesothelioma.
Commercial Product Exposure

Do-it-yourself home renovation enthusiasts, as well as those who worked in the construction trade, may have been exposed to asbestos while working with popular building and construction products. Many of these products were made with asbestos through the late 1970’s as the projects they were to be used in required that they be heat and fire resistant. They included insulation, roofing material, siding, joint compound, ceiling tiles, flooring and more. Unfortunately when any of these products were cut, sawed filed, or sanded, asbestos fibers were released into the air. In the majority of cases, those working with the products did not use appropriate safety precautions because asbestos companies withheld information about the health hazards of asbestos for many years. Today, as a result, construction workers and do-it-yourselfers are at risk for developing mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases.
Second Hand Exposure

Direct, on-the-job asbestos exposure did not affect American workers alone. Their family members were also at risk of developing an asbestos-related disease as a result of second hand asbestos exposure. This type of exposure occurred when workers brought asbestos fibers home on their hair, clothing or shoes at the end of the work day. Those

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Small penis, do not jump to frustrated

Small penis, do not jump to frustrated

Small penis, do not jump to frustrated
Many people assume that the size of 'Mr. P' is a symbol of virility in a man. This myth has made many men do anything to increase the size of 'the juniors' so to say powerful. Yet until now there is no proven method that can enlarge this man weapon effectively.

The first thing to realize is even if you feel the size of "the juniors" too cute, actually the size is still normal. The size of Indonesia's penis erection conditions is 10 cm-14 cm. Some have a shorter and much more length. In Caucasians (Western) and the Middle East, its size is longer and larger, namely 12 cm-15, 4 cm.

You do not need to feel intimidated when he saw another man in the locker room or toilet is the size of his penis looks "wow" because of the size of their penis will not grow much in a state of erection. Conversely, men who "junior" look small when flaccid will be enlarged when stiffened top and loud.

If you still ngeyel that junior sizes too small, even if a ruler to prove otherwise, then you may experience disruption in the science of psychiatry is called penile dysmorphic disorder. Conditions are similar to people who suffer from anorexia who always felt he was overweight, no matter even if his body lived bone wrapped in skin.

According to one study, most men are obsessed with doing a variety of penis enlargement procedures are those who experienced penile dysmorphic disorder. Even after penis enlargement surgery they are the group least satisfied with the results.

"The man who actually had a normal penis size, but often not satisfied and continued to complain of small penis, may be better to consult a psychiatrist rather than doing the penis enlargement method," said Because Elizabeth Boyle, Director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

4 Tips to avoid the risk of miscarriage

4 Tips to avoid the risk of miscarriage

4 Tips to avoid the risk of miscarriage
One of the most feared pregnancy is miscarried. Miscarriage occurs in first pregnancies trimseter. Signs ranging from bleeding in the vagina, severe abdominal cramping or bleeding at the bottom of the light. Percentage of miscarriage for a woman between 15-50 percent of pregnancies that occur.

Do not worry. There are many ways that can be done to avoid the nightmare was repeated. Here are the steps that can be done to minimize the risk of miscarriage, quoted from Yahoo Shine page.

1. Know the condition of the body
If you are planning to become pregnant, the first step you should do is to conduct the examination of risk factors such as problems associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, polycstic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, or thyroid disorders.

Check your health history, thorough too drugs, herbs, and supplements you'll ever consume. You also have to be careful with medications that can be easily obtained without a prescription, such as ibuprofen or herbs such as ginkgo.

Do the same discussion with the family to know the history of miscarriage in a large family. Consult your doctor to find a solution to your problem.

2. Avoid stress
Stress is not a good thing if you are planning a pregnancy or in pregnant condition. British researchers found, feeling happy, relaxed, or controlled to reduce the risk of miscarriage by 60 percent.

To feel happiness at the time of pregnancy, do moderate exercise such as pregnancy exercise, dinner with friends or the people closest to, or watch your favorite TV shows.

What if reducing stress by sex? According to Jonathan Scher, MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, you must pass through an intimate relationship with your husband in the first trimester, because of the hormone in semen may stimulate contractions. Once the embryo is strong enough and fully embedded in the uterus, you and your partner can enjoy sex.

3. Chromosome Test
After experiencing a miscarriage, do an analysis of the chromosome on fetal tissue. This is very useful to obtain information related to the content problem you experienced. This test can reveal if there are problems chromosome problems that can not be avoided, cause 50 percent of miscarriages.

If the test result is abnormal (the network has an abnormal chromosome number), then it is good news for you because there are no significant problems on your body. This is a random event, the risk of miscarriage would be less and less. The time you try again.

However, if the test chromosome in the fetus showed normal results, then further tests should be held. But unfortunately, this important test is still very rarely done because of the guidelines in the medical world would not recommend it unless you have a history of recurring miscarriages.

4. Perform retest
If you are a normal fetal chromosomes, and this is a miscarriage you are second or third, there is a chance for you to fix it in the advanced testing.

The tests include the testing of genes that may be associated with blood clotting, weak cervix, hormonal imbalance, or even immune problems such as lupus.

If you have blood clotting problems, anticlotting drugs can reduce the risk of miscarriage by 75 percent. However, if your cervix is ​​weak, then you need stitches in the first trimester so as to prevent cervical opening early and having premature labor.

Overcoming the fine wrinkles on the face with tomatoes

Overcoming the fine wrinkles on the face with tomatoes

Overcoming the fine wrinkles on the face with tomatoes
 Fine wrinkles start to appear on the face, especially the chin, smile lines and forehead as well as a sign that you're not young anymore. To prevent this, you can use various techniques, starting with the various anti-wrinkle cream, until surgery (face lifting). In addition to these treatments, you can also keep up with the maintenance of internal (from within), one of which consumes as tomatoes.

Tomatoes contain lycopene which is famous for its allegedly to prevent wrinkles and dark spots due to sunlight. 80% of wrinkles caused by sunlight and lycopene is one of the potent antioxidant that can stop the aging process caused by exposure to sunlight.

According to experts, add the tomatoes into menumendatangkan many benefits. Lycopene is also famous for its usefulness in the fight against heart disease and cancer. So in addition to skin health, you can also prevent other diseases.

Consume lycopene-rich tomato paste can dramatically reduce skin damage caused by sunlight. Eating tomato paste mixed with olive oil for 10 minngu in addition to your regular menu. Lycopene is an antioxidant that is very potent and powerful weapon in preventing skin damage caused by free radicals.

Add some cooked tomato dishes into your menu such as spaghetti, pizza. tomato soup or other. If possible choose the tomatoes are cooked than raw. Although raw tomato lycopene menagndung lot but when cooked the abortion will increase 4 fold.

Add fresh tomato slices on sandwiches and hamburgers. Replace mayonnaise in sandwiches and hamburgers denagn tomato paste, then you will get a taste that is completely different.

There's a good idea to drink 1 glass of tomato juice every day instead of orange. Because by drinking tomato juice, then you will get the lycopene and vitamin C. If you do not like the tomatoes then you can take lycopene supplements but should consult your doctor.

Caring for skin beauty neck

Caring for skin beauty neck

Caring for skin beauty neck
Did you know that the neck is one part of the body is aging faster than other body parts. No wonder the signs of aging often appear unexpectedly in this part of the neck.

There are several causes of neck wrinkles that can not be avoided. For example, reduction in collagen and water content of the skin due to aging, stress, and several other disorders.

But there are wrinkles in the neck because you do not provide good care.

Here are some steps that can be done so that the neck look younger and cleaner:
- If you usually apply foundation on the neck, you should not forget to clean it at night. Understandably, in general, women forget to clean the neck when he was tired and sleepy at night. And this is one cause mengap [a neck looks dull. Neck-looking young also need to Exfoliate is by rubbing a soft washcloth gunalkan neck and slowly. This is to prevent the skin cells pile matiyang can not be cleaned by soap or regular cleaning.

- In the morning you should apply sunblok in the neck area to prevent aging caused by sunlight because it will make the skin so it is not the same color, causing brown spots (age spots). Apply moisturizer on the neck can also help wrinkles invisible. Apply regularly to prevent itching and dry skin

- Relax the tension in the neck, jaw and face denagn emphasize the tongue to the palate langut for a few seconds. Let go and you will feel the tension disappear.

- Expand to exercise and eat foods that are fibrous, will help the health of body and your skin.

- When using anti-aging cream, do not forget to rub it into the neck. Do pijat6an-gentle massage at some point the neck for a night cream to be absorbed nutrients to the skin perfectly.

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips
Toenails and fingernails have many functions in the petrified activities of our daily activities also in terms of beauty because the body's natural function as an accessory. Beauty tips article will discuss a good nail care problems in humans.

1. Change basicity Avoid Bad and Heavy Work

Do not force our fingernails to the usual heavy work assisted by special equipment such as removing staples usually stuck to the paper or something with a nail curry. In the scratch was not too rough skin due to wounds or irritated skin and make dirty nails or beauty that reduces etetika our nails.

If the toenails and fingernails short we still do not cut it anymore. It is better to wait a week or more of our new pieces. Too diligently cut nails can make progress and we are less good nail growth, let alone a kid.

If we have the tools manicure / pedicure menikur and / pedicure itself, are well preserved in a clean, covered and dry for the bacteria do not breed in these tools. Use special scissors to cut the cuticle cuticles that grow around the nails. Do not cut with ordinary scissors if not expert.

2. Keep the humidity level Nails Hands and Feet

When finished washing something with our hands immediately with soap or detergent may be that we use can make skin dry and / or nails. Therefore, we recommend after doing the washing-washing does not hurt we apply a special cream or hand skin body lotion.

If necessary use gloves before washing job or a dirty-dirty for the condition of your nails are well preserved. apply a cream or lotion to the hands and nails before wearing gloves. For jobs that are bersif-net we can stick the nail us in advance to the soap bar so that later it easier to clean from germs and dirt.

Use a moisturizer after long use hands and feet in a hot environment. So even if your fingernails and toenails prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Too long in the water after washing and swim like a good idea given the moisturizers for your nails is not easily damaged. Especially if the type of brittle nails are so easily broken and torn, have often given a moisturizer.

3. Tips About Kutek / Can Nail and Equipment

If we liked to use nail polish or nail polish, nail then give us time to breathe by letting your nails are free of paint and accessories. In a clean nail polish should not be done with curry nails with sharp objects and so on, but use a special liquid cleaners / nail polish remover.

In order for the painting nails more durable, preferably before we painted berries moisturizer before bathing. When he wants to put nail polish brush, you should dip the brush to take the nail polish just enough to not overflow and that the results of smear can be more perfect.

How to use / wear finger nail polish is good is by rubbing the brush horizontally from right and left then vertically down over the edge. If there is excess paint that do not use cotton or tissue, but disposable manicure sticks made of wood.

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens
Use lipbalm with sunscreen and moisturizer
Sunlight is one of the factors causing the dryness of the lips so that the use of sunscreen on the lips become important. Likewise with the necessary moisturizers to damp lips stay awake while doing activities all day.
Choose a lipstick that matches and moisturizing
When buying cosmetics, consider abortion. Choose cosmetics or lipstick that contains emollient and moisturizer made from natural and contain.

Wet your lips feel dry when the white water
Do not wet her lips by licking his lips, because in there saliva glands and enzymes that can irritate the lips so lips will get dry. Just use plain water or drink a glass of water to wet her lips.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day
This can prevent the occurrence of dehydration which can make the lips become dry.

Immediately clean the rest of lipstick before going to bed
Time lipstick can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and scrub brush your lips to lips with a circular motion for several minutes. Can also use a soft towel dipped in warm water to clean lips.

Consumption of vegetables and fruit
Choose vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B, E and minerals. The water content contained on the lips also helps the body to avoid dehydration. About why the fruit is useful and what content in the fruit, you can read the article: Consumption of Fruit for Health

Stay away from the lifestyle of smoking or drinking alcohol
Chemicals found in cigarettes can cause a black color on the lips. While alcohol can make dehydration resulting lips become dry.

Apply lip balm at night before bed
In addition to using lip gloss sold, you can use honey as a natural moisturizer that can provide nutrients to the lips.

Doing massage using olive oil lip
Massage will help blood circulation to the lips to be smooth so lips stay healthy. You can also use olive oil to make application of the lips on your lips while massaging.