Monday, September 26, 2011

Star fruit can lower blood pressure

Star fruit can lower blood pressure

Star fruit can lower blood pressure
Did you know that the fruit that comes from India or Sri Lankan State has a content of vitamin C and provitamin A which is very high? In the international world of the fruit is commonly called the Star Fruit, which means Star Fruit. Because if we cut it horizontally, the fruit will look like a star. In Indonesia itself states this fruit has a very unique call Carambola Fruit. Star fruit will only grow in negara2 a sub-tropical climate. Country like Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian regions also cultivate star fruit.

Benefits of star fruit can lower blood pressure, trick is:
1. Choose star fruit that have been or nearly ripe.
2. Wash thoroughly.
3. Scar
4. Grated results are being blackmailed by using cloth to cook rice or commonly called croton cloth so as to produce as much as 1 cup juice.
5. Drink the juice of star fruit regularly every day for 1 month.

All you have to consider is, do not add any ingredients such as salt or sweetener into the water starfruit juice of the above results. Drink the pure water starfruit because if you add salt or sugar into the water and star fruit then you will not get any benefits for lowering blood pressure.



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