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ALTHOUGH not exactly the same, in his life, the men also may experience a phenomenon similar to menopause in women. Called andropause symptoms were influenced by the aging process. Andropause is a clinical syndrome characterized by physical and emotional changes associated with decreasing levels of hormones such as growth hormone, and testosterone concentrations particularly meaningful. Thus, sexual function and fertility (fertility) do not stop at all in men who experience symptoms of andropause, but a gradual decline.

Actually it is just the term andropause. Andro means male and pause means stop. What happened was not exactly like the menopause, the cessation of function of the gonads (ovaries / testes). If the women are no longer menstruating.
In men there is no cessation of these functions, the only decline. But its impact not only on the physical and psychic, but also on male sexual function. However, andropause can still be anticipated to minimize complaints, especially since a young age.

Beware the age of 40 years and over

The study found that symptoms of andropause began to occur in men when entering the age of 40 years. Decrease in testosterone levels occur gradually, many years, along with the age that continues to ripen. Decreased testosterone levels are causing physical and sexual performance of men gradually declined. This was eventually followed by psychological complaints, although not typical. Physical symptoms, for example, easy fatigue and excessive sleepiness, pain or stiffness in muscles, joints and bones, penis shrinking, reduced power and muscle strength, growth of beard and mustache is reduced, decreasing the frequency of morning erections, to the decrease in sexual desire. As a result, men become irritable, depressed, panic, tension, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, also was depressed.

A study of 501 male respondents from the age of 40 years and over, through the Aging Males Symptoms (AMS), known to 71 per cent complained of symptoms of andropause, with varying degrees of severity. While at 105 male respondents aged under 40 years of andropause symptoms was only found at three percent with a mild degree. Of the 71 percent who complained of symptoms of andropause, as many as two thirds felt it was a problem. While a third felt the symptoms were not a problem in their lives. Moreover, indeed, for some people at an advanced age, sexual life is no longer so essential. Therefore, men like women not having periods-the menstrual suddenly stopped, the symptoms are sometimes taken for granted along with the process of growing old.

Complaints symptoms of andropause can be verified by measuring testosterone levels in the blood of a man. If it is found there is a decrease, suspicions of andropause can be said to be more accurate. However, after all the symptoms of andropause are not specific symptoms. A man could have complained of such symptoms, but after being reviewed testosterone levels did not decrease. It could be an indication of a complaint other health disorders.

Some researchers often more likely to mention andropause as Partial Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male (OFF) or Androgen Decline in Aging Male (ADAM). Within the last 15 years increasingly warm andropause discussed in the medical world. Especially older people in the world has doubled. Estimated that in 2000-2050 the proportion of people aged over 60 years and 80 years will increase each doubled and quadrupled.

The main accused testosterone

Testosterone produced in the body of only one percent in the form of plasma-free. Most other proteins bind strongly to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). However, testosterone can only function if they are in free form or bound to albumin. Testosterone is thus referred to as bioavailable testosterone.

Along with the parents of a man, total testosterone levels decreased. A study called the decline in total testosterone levels of 3.2 nanograms / deciliter per year per individual. When aged about 20 years, men have the highest testosterone concentration in the blood, which is 800-1200 nanograms / deciliter. The concentration was only last about 10-20 years.

With increasing age, levels of SHBG in the body continues to increase so that the free testosterone levels decline more sharply than the total. At the age of 80 years, for example, the concentration of testosterone in the body dropped to about 60 percent of the time a male aged 20-50 years.

Risk factors that can trigger the symptoms of andropause is the degree of severity of cardiovascular disease and obesity. Obesity can lead to an emphasis on the amount of testosterone.

Testosterone therapy

So far the man who complained of symptoms of andropause to undergo hormone therapy, was by the hormone testosterone. However, before deciding on hormone therapy, is necessary to ensure patients are not suffering from prostate cancer. Although the hormone testosterone has so far not been found to cause prostate cancer, but if you have prostate cancer, the hormone can trigger cancer growth.

Giving hormone therapy can be done in various ways, either by injection, by taking tablets, implants (implants), or by using a kind of patch it. These therapies should be undertaken within a certain time, depending on the condition of each individual. If the patient's condition improved, the dose of the hormone can be reduced gradually. So far, patients undergoing such therapy experienced significant improvement. Libido increased and there was muscle strengthening.

Is there a way to anticipate complaints andropause?

The answer was very classic, namely from youth to live healthy and regular exercise. Healthy lifestyle and exercise can at least minimize the symptoms of andropause, with age. Men who regularly exercise testosterone levels in old age can be more awake. In fact, it makes no difference as men with similar age who undergo hormone therapy.

Nonetheless, many are convinced that andropause, slowly but surely, with differentiation degree, is a must for men.


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