Monday, September 26, 2011

Benefits of aloe vera for cancer drug

Benefits of aloe vera for cancer drug
Benefits of aloe vera for cancer drug

Aloe vera (Aloe vera) is known as a plant that has many benefits. These plants belong to the tribe Liliaceae. Use of aloe vera are increasingly developing.

Formerly known as aloe vera hair fertility drugs, wound healing, skin care, pharmaceutical raw materials and cosmetics, food and health drinks. People are now many use aloe vera for treatment other than because aloe vera is also easy to obtain drugs with ingredients of aloe vera does not use chemical preservatives.

Cancer is one of many deadly diseases that attack humans. Cancer can grow anywhere. Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division and the ability of these cells to invade other biological tissues, either by direct growth in adjacent tissue (invasion) or by migration of cells to distant sites (metastasis). Uncontrolled growth is caused by damage to DNA, causing mutations in vital genes that control cell division.

With the use of aloe vera as an alternative cancer treatment in the packaging syrup to prevent the spread of cancer. Most cancers suffered by women. A report from data "Cancer and Diet" shows that in an investigation in the UK in women aged under 30 who have breast cancer seeds that have been raised, it was found that 25 years later 80% of them died. Cancers suffered by women is breast cancer, and followed later with lung cancer.

In the aloe vera there are many nutrients the body needs to complete, including the vitamins A, B, B2, B3, B12, C, E, choline, inositol, and folic acid. In addition to vitamins contained in aloe vera also macro and micro minerals namely calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), potassium (K), sodium (Na), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and kromiun (Cr). Also in aloe vera also have a variety of enzymes including amilse, ktalase, carboxypeptidase, bradykinase.

Some elements of vitamins and minerals can function as forming a natural antioxidant. These antioxidants function to prevent the arrival of various diseases. The elements found in Aloe vera leaves showed a synergistic relationship with each other in maintaining the antioxidant in the body. As an alternative cancer cure Aloe Vera stimulates immune function against cancer, and can be used as a nutritional prevention of cancer, so as to inhibit the spread of cancer naturally.

Under these conditions, in this study will be making syrup with aloe vera as an alternative goal of cancer prevention. In addition, to find out how much activity oxidants contained in aloe vera syrup. Given this problem the right solution is to use aloe vera in syrup packaging to prevent cancer.



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