Monday, September 26, 2011

The best anti - aging tips

The best anti - aging tips

The best anti - aging tips
All women in the world would want to always look look younger and beautiful. But when you grow old, many found spots and wrinkles that make you hate her face. But you do not have to worry about losing your beauty. because the process of aging on the skin it can be overcome if we know how to prevent it.

To look younger and beautiful you not need to use different kinds of cosmetics made from chemicals and have a very expensive price. Enough with you using the best anti-aging tips that I will explain the following:

1. Improve your diet This is the way and move the most important and effective way to make you look younger. Replace your fast food with healthy and nutritious diet. Do not forget to include fruits and vegetables as much as possible, because it contains high fiber and will improve your digestion and eventually this will make you look younger.
2. Expand drinking water. This method may often you for granted, so you rarely use it. This will keep your body from dehydration. Drink water rata2 a s.d 1.5 liters per day.
3. Sleep soundly This does not mean you have to sleep from 15 to 18 hours per day loh, hehe. Just use sleep time to rata2 7 to 8 hours per day. Your cells will grow well because of growth hormones will be released when you sleep.
4. Walking, Use your legs to walk in the morning, at least 400 meters.
5. Protect your skin from the sun. Use an umbrella or cover your face with a scarf, or use protective skin lotion good for your skin protected from the dangers of UV rays from the sun which will cause damage to your skin.

This is the best anti-aging tips that will help you to keep your skin glow and look young still. If you follow the tips above, then you will enjoy the results within a few months. By using these tips you no longer need to spend much money, because this tip is more than just cheap or free. After following the above tips you no longer need to fear the wrinkles on the skin or even loose, because you have been following the best anti aging tips above.

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