Monday, September 26, 2011

Basic care for skin

Basic care for skin

Basic care for skin
There are some basic care for your skin are:

Clean your skin.
Clean your skin with soap skin that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Use a moisturizer
Direct contact from sunlight can cause your skin too oily can even make your skin dry and dull. For that it helps you use a moisturizer every day.

It helps your skin stay healthy because the cells in the skin of dead will be raised. This process will also help lift the dirt that is in the skin. It is better if you go to a salon skin care professional to help you overcome this.

Protect your skin from dangerous sun
Like what I've described above, that direct contact with sunlight can make our skin dry and damaged can even cause further damage such as melepuhnya skin and skin cancer. To keep your skin every day use lotions that can counteract the free radicals from the sun. If not, please wear a hat or long sleeved shirt to protect the parts of your body your skin.

Proper nutrition for your skin
The best way to do this is by way of a balanced diet with plenty of eating fruits and vegetables.

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