Monday, September 26, 2011

Caring for skin beauty neck

Caring for skin beauty neck

Caring for skin beauty neck
Did you know that the neck is one part of the body is aging faster than other body parts. No wonder the signs of aging often appear unexpectedly in this part of the neck.

There are several causes of neck wrinkles that can not be avoided. For example, reduction in collagen and water content of the skin due to aging, stress, and several other disorders.

But there are wrinkles in the neck because you do not provide good care.

Here are some steps that can be done so that the neck look younger and cleaner:
- If you usually apply foundation on the neck, you should not forget to clean it at night. Understandably, in general, women forget to clean the neck when he was tired and sleepy at night. And this is one cause mengap [a neck looks dull. Neck-looking young also need to Exfoliate is by rubbing a soft washcloth gunalkan neck and slowly. This is to prevent the skin cells pile matiyang can not be cleaned by soap or regular cleaning.

- In the morning you should apply sunblok in the neck area to prevent aging caused by sunlight because it will make the skin so it is not the same color, causing brown spots (age spots). Apply moisturizer on the neck can also help wrinkles invisible. Apply regularly to prevent itching and dry skin

- Relax the tension in the neck, jaw and face denagn emphasize the tongue to the palate langut for a few seconds. Let go and you will feel the tension disappear.

- Expand to exercise and eat foods that are fibrous, will help the health of body and your skin.

- When using anti-aging cream, do not forget to rub it into the neck. Do pijat6an-gentle massage at some point the neck for a night cream to be absorbed nutrients to the skin perfectly.


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