Monday, September 26, 2011

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips

Nail Care Tips
Toenails and fingernails have many functions in the petrified activities of our daily activities also in terms of beauty because the body's natural function as an accessory. Beauty tips article will discuss a good nail care problems in humans.

1. Change basicity Avoid Bad and Heavy Work

Do not force our fingernails to the usual heavy work assisted by special equipment such as removing staples usually stuck to the paper or something with a nail curry. In the scratch was not too rough skin due to wounds or irritated skin and make dirty nails or beauty that reduces etetika our nails.

If the toenails and fingernails short we still do not cut it anymore. It is better to wait a week or more of our new pieces. Too diligently cut nails can make progress and we are less good nail growth, let alone a kid.

If we have the tools manicure / pedicure menikur and / pedicure itself, are well preserved in a clean, covered and dry for the bacteria do not breed in these tools. Use special scissors to cut the cuticle cuticles that grow around the nails. Do not cut with ordinary scissors if not expert.

2. Keep the humidity level Nails Hands and Feet

When finished washing something with our hands immediately with soap or detergent may be that we use can make skin dry and / or nails. Therefore, we recommend after doing the washing-washing does not hurt we apply a special cream or hand skin body lotion.

If necessary use gloves before washing job or a dirty-dirty for the condition of your nails are well preserved. apply a cream or lotion to the hands and nails before wearing gloves. For jobs that are bersif-net we can stick the nail us in advance to the soap bar so that later it easier to clean from germs and dirt.

Use a moisturizer after long use hands and feet in a hot environment. So even if your fingernails and toenails prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Too long in the water after washing and swim like a good idea given the moisturizers for your nails is not easily damaged. Especially if the type of brittle nails are so easily broken and torn, have often given a moisturizer.

3. Tips About Kutek / Can Nail and Equipment

If we liked to use nail polish or nail polish, nail then give us time to breathe by letting your nails are free of paint and accessories. In a clean nail polish should not be done with curry nails with sharp objects and so on, but use a special liquid cleaners / nail polish remover.

In order for the painting nails more durable, preferably before we painted berries moisturizer before bathing. When he wants to put nail polish brush, you should dip the brush to take the nail polish just enough to not overflow and that the results of smear can be more perfect.

How to use / wear finger nail polish is good is by rubbing the brush horizontally from right and left then vertically down over the edge. If there is excess paint that do not use cotton or tissue, but disposable manicure sticks made of wood.


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