Monday, September 26, 2011

The cause of vaginal infection

The cause of vaginal infection

Need you know, vaginal infections are common diseases suffered by most of the fair sex in this world. The itching and discharge a milky white or yellowish vaginal discharge that comes out of this gives great pain sensation when urinating while, until the pain during intercourse with a partner. This is clearly not convenient for women who are suffering. Many things that cause vaginal infections, one of which is to use soap when cleaning when female organs. Spraying or the vagina by using the water.

From several sources noted, that many factors cause vaginal infections are:

1. The use of tight underwear which are usually made of synthetic materials can cause infections around the vagina or vulva.
2. Use of this contraceptive pill is a hormonal cause rubahnya in the body, so the use of this contraceptive pill will beraktibat incidence of infection in the vagina.
3. Sex, many women do not pay attention to this one. Usually, women are rarely clean the area after sexual intercourse and intimate it can cause infections of the vagina.
4. People with diabetes have a greater risk to suffer from vaginal infections residence.
5. You should know that the use of antibiotics and steroids can kill the good bacteria found in the vagina. While these good bacteria will function to prevent the growth of fungi and other microorganisms and maintain the level of acidity in the vagina.
6. Be careful with your partner, vaginal infections can be caused by an infection when you have sex with your partner, so that infections can tell when you have intercourse with your partner, and vice versa.
7. Weak immune system also can result in infection of the vagina, this is usually suffered by people affected by cancer or AIDS. Because such patients to consume more atibiotik and steroids.
8. For women who are in the hormonal and fertility treatments are generally more at risk for fungal infection.

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