Monday, September 26, 2011

Know Why You Can Travel Toothache

Know Why You Can Travel Toothache

Toothache, for those of you who never felt it was a very special experience uncomfortable. You should know why you can hurt your teeth with information about the process of toothache occurs.

Did you know that your oral cavity was filled with bacteria. Some types of these bacteria have the ability to change carbohydrates and sugars contained in foods that are digested into acids. These bacteria may not be denied his presence, because he also needed for the number and composition are still under normal circumstances. Acid, bacteria, saliva, and food for the first time joined to form a soft layer, known generally as, Äúplak, Äù that attach to the tooth enamel layer. If plaque is not removed by brushing movement after you eat, then this plaque will harden. Therefore it is recommended to brush your teeth after eating. Layer of plaque that has hardened in the language of dentistry is commonly known as tartar or calculus, and more lay people know him as, Äúkarang teeth, Äù.

Acid contained in a layer of tartar and gradually will attack the protective layer of your tooth enamel. And finally, this acid will spend all tooth enamel. Therefore the action of acid on tooth enamel, the hole will be formed on the tooth enamel layer. This was the beginning of the formation of holes in the teeth which if not followed up can cause tooth decay and toothache. At this stage you will not notice any symptoms because he does not give the reaction of pain or illness.

Acid attack and then went into the second layer after layer of tooth enamel is dentin, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth that email. At this stage you will feel is commonly called, Äúgigi sensitive, Äù especially if you consume cold drinks. At this point you will feel the pains of the first tooth, the sense of pain when drinking cold temperature.

Then after acid attack reaches the layer where the cementum cementum have dental pulp chamber that contains the nerve endings, then the complaint will be advanced dental pain will you feel. The opening of the pulp or the entry of bacteria into the pulp will cause you to feel the symptoms of pain or pain that is so great because he has been involved neural elements in it.


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