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Tips for Accelerating Healing after Tooth Revocation

Tips for Accelerating Healing after Tooth Revocation

 Tips for Accelerating Healing after Tooth Revocation
Having your teeth pulled there are some precautions that you should do to ease the pain and speed the healing of wounds. Tooth extraction is usually indicated if you have wisdom teeth (so-called third molars), where the teeth can cause your teeth that are next to be shifted, were damaged, the roots are experiencing death or other forms of infection.

If you experience problems like the above you should visit your dentist for further treatment.

After tooth extraction, will form a blood clot in the tooth socket. You should not disturb this blood clot, so the instruction to not rinse, do not smoke, and suck the former revocation is the instructions that you may often hear from the dentist. This is related to efforts to prevent blood clots solutions which have been formed. If this blood clot breaks then this is certainly slow the healing period.

After the blood clot is formed, there will be a remodeling of bone, which usually takes about one week. Once renovated, the bones as if your gums cover the socket (sac, the hole that formed after tooth extraction) and will eventually recover. Many patients actually ask about how long the recovery period after tooth extraction, and the answer is no standard time can be set to ensure the recovery of tissue after tooth extraction because this depends on several factors, such as:

1. Health patient
2. Type of removal
3. Dental Health
4. The presence of infection

Most dentists will give you some very specific instructions after tooth extraction, including the following:

1. Keep the gauze in the former area etidaknya tooth extraction and a half hours after tooth extraction

2. Eat foods that are light and cool such as yogurt and ice cream for at least two days after tooth extraction

3. Always follow the instructions prescribed medication, do not make for yourself Resp

4. On the second day, try gargling with warm salt water to prevent bacterial infection. This can alleviate the possibility of infection berrkelanjutan

5. To prevent swelling, use ice packs on your face

6. Do not smoke for at least 24 hours after tooth extraction

7. Do not brush your teeth with a hard brush marks around the wound is still open revocation

8. Follow all special instructions given by your dentist

Make sure that the tooth extraction wound infection did not occur. The infection can turn into serious health complications if it occurs in scar removal. This infection can spread to your jaw or bone.


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