Monday, September 26, 2011

Small penis, do not jump to frustrated

Small penis, do not jump to frustrated

Small penis, do not jump to frustrated
Many people assume that the size of 'Mr. P' is a symbol of virility in a man. This myth has made many men do anything to increase the size of 'the juniors' so to say powerful. Yet until now there is no proven method that can enlarge this man weapon effectively.

The first thing to realize is even if you feel the size of "the juniors" too cute, actually the size is still normal. The size of Indonesia's penis erection conditions is 10 cm-14 cm. Some have a shorter and much more length. In Caucasians (Western) and the Middle East, its size is longer and larger, namely 12 cm-15, 4 cm.

You do not need to feel intimidated when he saw another man in the locker room or toilet is the size of his penis looks "wow" because of the size of their penis will not grow much in a state of erection. Conversely, men who "junior" look small when flaccid will be enlarged when stiffened top and loud.

If you still ngeyel that junior sizes too small, even if a ruler to prove otherwise, then you may experience disruption in the science of psychiatry is called penile dysmorphic disorder. Conditions are similar to people who suffer from anorexia who always felt he was overweight, no matter even if his body lived bone wrapped in skin.

According to one study, most men are obsessed with doing a variety of penis enlargement procedures are those who experienced penile dysmorphic disorder. Even after penis enlargement surgery they are the group least satisfied with the results.

"The man who actually had a normal penis size, but often not satisfied and continued to complain of small penis, may be better to consult a psychiatrist rather than doing the penis enlargement method," said Because Elizabeth Boyle, Director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.


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