Monday, September 26, 2011

Benefits of green tea

Benefits of green tea

Benefits of green tea
Tea, the drink is so popular in Japan, is a beverage that is believed rich in properties that can nourish the body. One type of tea commonly marketed today is green tea or ordinary lay people know him as "green tea". Here are 15 benefits of green tea healthy "green tea", which was found by the researchers:

* Serves as an antioxidant.
* Believed to extend the life.
* Prevent and treat cancer.
* Helps heal heart disease and stroke.
* Maintain health of the arteries (blood vessels).
* Lowers high blood pressure.
* Prevent and treat diabetes (sugar disease / / diabetes).
* Burn fat.
* Protect your lungs from the ill effects of cigarettes.
* Protects the liver from the adverse effects of alcohol.
* Improving immune (resistance) of the body, and against the flu and colds.
* Overcome stress and calm the mind.
* Preventing tooth decay and overcome bad breath.
* Good for healthy bones.
* Function to return the body water composition that has been lost (rehydration). Believed to be better than water.

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