Monday, September 26, 2011

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens

Tips to Prevent Dry Lips and Brokens
Use lipbalm with sunscreen and moisturizer
Sunlight is one of the factors causing the dryness of the lips so that the use of sunscreen on the lips become important. Likewise with the necessary moisturizers to damp lips stay awake while doing activities all day.
Choose a lipstick that matches and moisturizing
When buying cosmetics, consider abortion. Choose cosmetics or lipstick that contains emollient and moisturizer made from natural and contain.

Wet your lips feel dry when the white water
Do not wet her lips by licking his lips, because in there saliva glands and enzymes that can irritate the lips so lips will get dry. Just use plain water or drink a glass of water to wet her lips.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day
This can prevent the occurrence of dehydration which can make the lips become dry.

Immediately clean the rest of lipstick before going to bed
Time lipstick can be cleaned using a soft toothbrush and scrub brush your lips to lips with a circular motion for several minutes. Can also use a soft towel dipped in warm water to clean lips.

Consumption of vegetables and fruit
Choose vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, B, E and minerals. The water content contained on the lips also helps the body to avoid dehydration. About why the fruit is useful and what content in the fruit, you can read the article: Consumption of Fruit for Health

Stay away from the lifestyle of smoking or drinking alcohol
Chemicals found in cigarettes can cause a black color on the lips. While alcohol can make dehydration resulting lips become dry.

Apply lip balm at night before bed
In addition to using lip gloss sold, you can use honey as a natural moisturizer that can provide nutrients to the lips.

Doing massage using olive oil lip
Massage will help blood circulation to the lips to be smooth so lips stay healthy. You can also use olive oil to make application of the lips on your lips while massaging.


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