Monday, September 26, 2011

Candy Consumption Monitor Your Kids

Candy Consumption Monitor Your Kids

Candy Consumption Monitor Your Kids
Candy Consumption Monitor Your Kids

Candy and the kids are two things that are as inseparable. Somehow these two things as two brothers who are very compact, always over and in line. "Where there are children there is the candy", and "where there is candy there is the children."

Currently, the parents worried about the health of their children's teeth. Why not if the attack confectionery products which are very intense and now threaten their children. Yes, because candy manufacturers in their product packaging is increasingly creative and always offer yangmenarik interest and arouse the children.

Changes in candy packaging, candy shapes resembling funny their favorite cartoon characters, variations in taste (sweet, sour or salty), to the marketing method of gifts, discounts if you buy candy in bulk. This is then further increased the anxiety of parents.

As is known that most of the candy on the market today is candy that contains sugar, which is known that if consumed in a way that is not appropriate, it can provide an opportunity for oral bacteria to damage the teeth. The mechanism is permena consumed by children contain sugar which will "provide food" for bacteria to develop tooth decay. Children's teeth later on if it continues to face attacks from candy sugar that barrage will cause cavities and is likely to lead to rampant caries, a form of caries (cavities) who travels very fast which is marked by a hole in the interdental tooth (between tooth for tooth) and usually black.

As a result of the foregoing, the parents should act or react if you do not want their children's teeth become black, porous, and eventually must be removed. Therefore, to avoid the negative impact of this candy, in principle, parents should do two things below ie:

1) Avoid excessive sugar consumption, as well as
2) Reduce the time (time) of sugar in the mouth

If the two things mentioned above can be maintained, managed and maintained well then the parents do not have to worry about the threat of candy that will ruin their children's teeth. Because two of the above as a whole have covered all the early efforts in preventing tooth decay in children.


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